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Anaerobic Digestion

What will a Biomethane Potential (BMP) Lab Test do for You?

Anaerobic digestion of solid organic waste such as bio-waste, sludge, cattle manure, energy crops and other biomasses, for bio-energy production is a widely applied technology used by a variety of Decision Makers.  BMP Lab Tests are a key parameter for assessing design, economic and managing issues for the full scale implementation of anaerobic digestion processes.

Anaerobic Digestion – Consulting:  BMP lab tests support the analysis effort in recognizing feasible and unfeasible anaerobic digestion projects and to fine-tune and optimize current and future projects to maximize biomethane production.

Anaerobic Digestion – Developers:  BMP lab tests reinforce the credibility of the financials during the
due-diligence process by offering quantitative lab test results for current and future projects.

Anaerobic Digestion – Engineering:  Whether you are working with anaerobic wastewater treatment or anaerobic digestion of high solids/high-strength wastes in the public or private sectors, BMP testing should be included in the overall design and operation of the project.

Anaerobic Digestion – Financial:  BMP lab tests substantiate the cost justification and projected revenue stream during the due-diligence process by offering quantitative lab test results for current and future projects.

Anaerobic Digestion – Management:  Conducting BMP lab tests on a regular basis plays a critical role in keeping Anaerobic Digesters operating at Peak Performance.

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Your choice of a Standard single, Continuous Feed or Custom lab test

Our highly qualified ADLTN Labs are equipped and trained to conduct Standard single or continuous feed lab tests or Custom lab tests meeting customer needs in the areas of Analyses, Elemental Analysis, Bio-solids Packages, Biogas production, pre/post-consumer waste and food production for Anaerobic Digestion.

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Three levels of Lab Tests to fulfill your requirements

The specially selected ADLTN Labs in Canada and USA are equipped and trained to conduct Level One – basic biogas/biomethane volume, Level Two – kinetics to determine digester size and Level Three highly detailed materials composition.

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You decide between Four industry accepted Lab Test Guidelines

The ADLTN Labs have a proven track record for providing lab test services following the industry recognized top BMP protocols: ASTM, Gunaseelan, DIN and BPC resulting in automated, accurate and reliable measurements for biogas/biomethane production.  In addition, each lab test may include a scheduled debriefing and interpretation session with the ADLTN Lab performing the test.

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Biomethane Potential Testing Reporting (BMP)

The BMP (Biomethane Potential Test) provides a preliminary indication of the biodegradability of a substrate (organic material) and it’s potential to produce methane via anaerobic digestion.  The normal procedure to determine the methanogenic activity involves inoculating a number of vials containing a small amount of the target substrate with an anaerobic inoculum (typically waste water sludge or dairy manure), incubating them at a controlled temperature and periodically checking for the methane production by manual sampling and determination of the volume of gas released and analyzing the gas composition using gas chromatography (GC).  This process is labor, time and economically intensive.  The ADLTN Labs provide testing using the AMPTS (Automatic Methane Potential Test System), which automates the process of collecting the gas and analyzing the gas sample for methane content.

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Locate a full service lab – specializing in organics/biomass testing near you

Team Biogas® has brought together a select group of University, Commercial and Private laboratories strategically located in the United States and Canada – The Anaerobic Digestion Lab Test Network – ADLTN. The ADLTN Labs are equipped and trained to support Anaerobic Digestion research, feedstock substrate testing, Anaerobic Digester operational support, and understand how to achieve high biogas/biomethane yields and stability. Our ADLTN labs are equipped to conduct basic gas volume, kinetics to determine digester size and highly detailed materials testing.

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